Top 10 Friendly Dogs (Good Dogs)



Top 10 Friendly Dogs

Typically, while choosing the friendly dogs, temperament, size and  energy are the major criteria. Here are the top ten friendly dogs.

10Bull Dog

Affectionate and sturdily built Bulldogs are admitted by all around in a family. They are very loyal and friendly. They at home wherever they are big or small place. They are not that possessive and get along with other pets. This social dog needs a bit of grooming and cleaning.


Beagle the ‘portable’ dog is admired by kids and grown up alike. Even though they were original of hunting dog category, nowadays they are kept as pets. They have an enviable energy level; they are very smart, friendly, and happy. Beagle are more or less get along with other pets and birds.

8Bull Terrier

Even though the name sounds fearsome, in nature they are meek and friendly. They can be an excellent companion dog. They can sacrifice a bit of comfort when they are called to please the owner. They prefer to be active and aggressive always. They are friendly with other pets and does not need much of maintenance.


Collie has two variations such as the Border Collie and Bearded Collie. The first, Border Collie is best as a pet dog. You would love Collies as they are quite gentle and predictable. They can be trained easily and can be called a ‘gentleman breed’ and loyal.


Newfoundland pet dog is aptly named as   ‘Nature’s Babysitter.’ They are intelligent, loyal and lovable. They are highly protective of kids and even toddlers. Their gentle, kind and patient nature would make them a private company. They are least fuzzy of the place even though they prefer open spaces.


The dog of North American origin,  the Pit bull has few varieties like American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bull etc. They were conspired to be fighting dogs use in games. An exquisite companion Pitbull demand attention from the master. They are excellent in underground activity if needed.

4Irish Setter

Irish Setters is a very smart and gentle dog. There are different breeds available. They are neat and do not shed making an ideal indoor companion especially for kids. They are obedient smart, playful and adventurous. They may be aggressive towards strangers. They are very loyal


Poodles reconsidered to be the ideal pet dog which is very friendly and loyal. Kids will love this playful dog a lot. They are by nature adventurous; their hair needs regular grooming. They o not mind other pets. This is a subtle and elegant dog that is both caring and loyal. They rarely saw bored or annoyed.

2Labrador Retriever

They are very playful, patient, loving, protective, and reliable. That makes then one of the favorites for the entire family. It is easy to0 train them because of their intelligence. They need to work out so extra demand space. They come in different colors- black, chocolate or yellow variety.

1Golden Retriever

The confident, smart, kind and loyal dog breed Golden Retriever is on top of the friendliest dog list. They are sober and behave well .they love playing with kids. They are very affectionate and obedient. They prefer company and attention. The golden coat of theirs, from which they got their name, needs regular booming.

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