Top 10 Breeds of Cats(Best Cats Ever)


Top 10 Breeds of Cats One of the most interesting gossip stuff cat lovers can debate for hours as interesting as Breed of dogs. Most animal lovers sit firmly on one side of the fence regarding domesticated pets. And, the ultimate question is Are you a self-confessed cat lover or a dog lover?

Whilst canines are considered man’s best friend, heavily reliant on companionship. The predatory cat is a complex critter. These meowing mammals are fiercely independent, proficient hunters with an inquisitive nature. Capable of brief displays of affection. These Endearing, equally infuriating home-occupiers have coincided with man ever since the furry feline was first domesticated in the middle East. Harking back some 12,000 years ago.  A descendant of the Middle Eastern Wildcat, that still roams the large swathes of baron dessert occupying the Fertile Crescent of the middle East.

So here it is Folks. I’ve “thrown the cat amongst the pigeons” and compiled a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Breeds of Cats. Guaranteed to leave you “Grinning like a Cheshire cat”(Excuse the playful puns).

Top 10 Breeds of Cats

10The Oriental.

Not only a just naturally in inquisitive, velvety coat and glossy authentic look but also, the Oriental cats are really stunning and highly intelligent cats. Large pointed ears, sloping head and lanky legs give these cats a classy grace. These are really fun to be with. Surely you will feel deep loyal companionship and unbreakable bond if you own one. Their social nature and interaction with you will never let you feel alone. That’s the reason made The Oriental to the top 10 breeds of cats.

9The American Shorthair

This brawny and lovable bobcat, is believed to be a direct descendent from its European cross-continent cousin the British Shorthair. A bulky, muscular, and athletic version of its diminutive relative. Early settlers smuggled the cat into North America. Where it was initially employed to protect precious cargo from vermin. The American shorthair supplied an invaluable service to the plucky crew on board the mayflower, which embarked on the infamous journey to colonise the America’s.

These pedigreed felines have a good-natured temperament, coupled with a calm and friendly persona. This bubbly breed can come in a diverse variety of colors, stripes, and patterns.

Weighing in between 7 and 12 pounds’, the American Shorthair has an average life span of 15-20 years, making them excellent family companions. Blessed with a natural proclivity to bond well with children.

8The Birman

The Birman is a domesticated cat whose origins can be traced back to the State of Burma. Located in South-Eastern Asia. This eye-catching, feline specimen is often referred to as the “Sacred Cat of Burma” with its inception bound up in a remarkable myth. Legend has it that the beautiful features where bestowed upon this kitty by a dazzling, blue-eyed goddess in reward for the cat’s loyal services towards a temple cleric. It is a widely-accepted view within Buddhist and Hindu faiths, that priests would reincarnate as the mesmeric temple cat after death. This is still vehemently believed today.

This docile, friendly puss has a warm-hearted personality. Capable of deep affection, it tends to communicate openly and utilizes verbal expression.

Known to be blessed with a cat’s curiosity, the Birman loves to roam and meander off the “beaten track”. Exploring its surrounding environment, whether it’s” raining cats and dogs” or not. (Not another Puss Related Pun)

Striking blue-eyes and immaculate white paws are these felines defining characteristics. Said to symbolize purity and profound beauty.
Top 10 Breeds of Cats

7The Sphynx

Next up to “walk the catwalk” is an especially rare and unorthodox cat breed. Often imagined in reference to the colossal limestone monument that guards the Pharaohs tombs.

Considered Guardians and royal protectors of the Egyptian Ruling elite. These fun-loving felines are easily distinguishable by their lack of coat and ultra-fine hair. Often leaving them exposed and susceptible to the effects of ultraviolet rays produced by the sun.

Its deep fondness and affectionate nature towards all “walks of life” give it therapeutic properties. Excellent for rehabilitation and companionship purposes.

This signature breed craves attention, and often loves to perform for the pleasure its adoring public.

Blessed with a curious mind, energetic spirit, and athletic physique. This mischievous kitty will provide laughter and endless entertainment for all the family.
Top 10 Breeds of Cats

6The Ragdoll.

Considered a bit of a “lapdog” species by many. Aptly named by a breeder in the 1960’s because of its docile, relaxed nature when handled. The Ragdoll tends to follow its owners to the ends of the earth like a love-sick puppy, depending heavily upon them.

Content with a relaxing existence, free from unnecessary worry or strife. Its predatory instincts are a little amiss in comparison to its fellow kitty- colleagues. With its defensive capabilities “not up to scratch” with other species of the same taxonomy.

It is a large, semi-long haired kitty with a supple, silky coat. Requiring constant grooming to prevent its fur from matting. It’s placid, warm-natured personality make it an excellent companion. Whilst its mild disposition allows this “Big Softy” to interact with children regularly forming tight bonds. Often retracting it’s claws when playing.
Top 10 Breeds of Cats

5The Siamese.

This furry friend has been gifted a bad rap ever since Walt Disney’s depiction in the cartoon animation the Aristocrats. Which portrays the species as evil-natured, mischievous, and cunning. However, don’t be fooled friends. There’s more to this kitty than meets the eye.

Contrary to the movie portrayal, Siamese cats are affectionate, loving creatures. Highly sociable, they have a sensitive, soft-natured side to their personality. Sometimes highlighting a nervous disposition to outsiders and unknown quantities.

The Siamese is keen to follow set routines, often repeating habitual practices. Troubled by sudden change.

Communication is a fundamental component to the Siamese way of life. Blessed with a high-pitch mew that bears a striking resemblance to that of a human baby. They could be conceived as demanding and attention seeking. But the notion that these lovable pussies are wicked and nefarious, is a colossal “pack of lies”.

4 The Abyssinian

Abyssinian ancestry is one of the most ancient lineages to exist within the kitty-cat kingdom. It’s slender legs and slight build, along with its tall pointy ears mirror the familiar, generic depiction often associated with the elegant Egyptian cat.

Born with a natural curiosity. This gregarious mammal has an inherent love for exploration.

Often playing the independent “lone wolf”. It possesses a shy and timid personality, sometimes reacting adversely to strangers.

Its intrinsic love for fun outdoor pursuits is unmatched. Providing constant entertainment for the family. The Abyssinian has a deep-rooted fascination with water. Ensuring that Mr. Rubber ducky won’t be the only tub invader this bath time.

Sometimes misunderstood for owning an anti-social manner, this species is a highly astute, independent cat that is content with life’s simple’s pleasures, and its own inquisitive mind. It seems curiosity didn’t kill the cat after all. (That’s the final Kittie pun I promise)

3 The Exotic Shorthair

This next addition to the list is guaranteed to leave you purring with excitement. Considered to be the short-haired relative to the pesky Persian. The exotic shorthair bears a striking resemblance to it’s respective kinsman. Easily identifiable with its trademark flat face and squashed nose. The felines fuzzy, dense coat gives it a cute and cuddly aesthetic. This adorable ball of loveliness Could easily be mistaken for a soft toy bear.

In terms of temperament the Exotic Shorthair shares similar character traits to the Persian. Maintaining a relaxed, serene attitude. But enjoys are more energetic, vivacious lifestyle. Possessing a greater curiosity and inquisitive capacity.

If you’re looking for a Persian, that doesn’t require the same grooming commitments. Then this is the kitty for you.

2 The Maine Coon

A naturally stunning cat. This feline is indigenous to Maine, believed to have reached the North-Eastern New England state aboard Viking Longboats. It is the biggest known breed within the domestic cat kingdom. Recognized by its signature Bushy, luxurious fur that acts as a protective, waterproof coating. Another key physical attribute is their sizeable broad paws, designed to make traversing across snow a walk in the park. Armed to the teeth with excellent hunting abilities and dubbed the “gentle giant” for its playful, gentle personality traits. The Maine Coon is a fun-loving sociable addition to the family unit.


1 The Persian

Clinching the top-spot on our list is this lovable Persian breed. Worshiped by cat-lovers the world over for their appealing physical characteristics and charmingly affectionate nature. This adorably cute-customer is famed for its suggestive eyes and squeezed face. Serene and affectionate in nature, this mild tempered feline makes for a peaceful distraction from the unwelcome stress and anxieties of modern life. Making a wonderful companion, this kitty prefers to free-roam around indoor habitats.

The only downside to owning this popular Felix, is the constant grooming required to prevent matting. As the Persian is unable to clean and maintain its coat, due to its lengthy fur.  However, this is a small price to pay for willing subscribers to this sweet, endearing breed. So this is all from Top 10 Breeds of Cats,

So, there you have it friends Top 10 Breeds of Cats. My ultimate count-down to the most beloved cats to grace our planet(Top 10 Breeds of Cats). For more top 10’s and kitty content published daily, be sure to visit us at:


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